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The introduction of engraving machine and its technical description!

2021-01-14 11:23:52

Engraving is a kind of drilling and milling combined processing in terms of processing principle, and a variety of data input modes of engraving machine can be easily used according to the needs. 

There are two types of computer engraving machines: laser engraving and mechanical engraving, both of which can be divided into high power and low power. 

Because the application range of engraving machine is very wide, it is necessary to know the most suitable application range of all kinds of engraving machine. 

Low-power ones are only suitable for making two-color plates, building models, small signs, three-dimensional handicrafts, etc., while carving jade and metal requires a power of more than 1500W. 

High-power engraving machine can do things like low-power engraving machine. 

It is most suitable for large-scale cutting, relief and carving. 

Technical introduction. 

In CNC machine tools, the motorized spindle usually adopts the method of variable frequency speed regulation. 

There are mainly three control modes: common frequency conversion drive and control, vector control driver drive and control and direct torque control. 

The common frequency conversion is scalar drive and control, and its drive control characteristic is constant torque drive, and the output power is proportional to the rotational speed. 

The dynamic performance of common frequency conversion control is not ideal, the control performance is not good at low speed, the output power is not stable enough, and it does not have C-axis function. 

But the price is cheap, the structure is simple, generally used in grinders and ordinary high-speed milling machines and so on.


The vector control technology imitates the control of the DC motor, orients the rotor magnetic field, uses the vector transformation method to realize the drive and control, and has good dynamic performance. 

The vector control driver has a large torque value at the beginning of startup, coupled with the simple structure of the motorized spindle itself, the inertia is very small, so the starting acceleration is large, and the allowable limit speed can be achieved instantly after startup. 

This kind of driver has two kinds of open-loop and closed-loop, the latter can realize the feedback of position and speed, not only has better dynamic performance, but also can realize C-axis function, while the former has poor dynamic performance and does not have C-axis function, but the price is cheaper. 

Direct torque control (DTC) is another new type of high-performance AC speed regulation technology developed after vector control technology. its control idea is novel, the system structure is simple and clear, and it is more suitable for the drive of high-speed motorized spindle. It can better meet the requirements of high speed, wide speed range, high-speed instantaneous quasi-stop dynamic and static characteristics, and has become a hot technology in the field of AC drive. 

Scope of application: 

Stone carvings such as granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and so on. 

Hard stones such as granite can be carved to 5mm at different levels. 

Marble, bluestone, etc. can be carved to 5mm at one time.



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