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What are the systematic classifications of engraving machines?

2021-01-14 11:30:44

Systematic classification of engraving machines. 

1.Stepper driver + stepper motor. 

The stepper system is the most widely used drive system in the market at present, and the popular one is the three-phase hybrid stepper motor, accounting for more than 90% of the market share. The reason is that the price is cheap and the effect is good when equipped with Leisai high-subdivision drive. 

But the defects are also obvious, such as resonance, noise, torque reduction with the increase of rotational speed, easy to lose step when working for a long time, excessive temperature rise of the motor and so on.


2. Hybrid servo driver + motor. 

The use of hybrid servo has not been popular in China, there are many reasons, there are not many foreign manufacturers to do hybrid servo, and the price compared with AC servo has no great advantage, can only be used in some special industries. 

The improvements include: improving high-speed performance, reducing heating and reducing resonance. 

3. Ac servo driver + AC servo motor. 

The use of AC servo in the engraving machine is relatively small, the main reason is that the price is relatively high, and the application of AC servo has certain requirements for the structure, electrical appliances, control system and transmission system of the machine tool, just like the barrel principle, the shortest board determines the amount of water in the bucket, so the AC servo is generally used in high-end models. 

Ac servo has: fast response, large torque, high speed, high precision, less heating, continuous long-time work, complete alarm system and so on. 

Disadvantages: different equipment needs different servo parameters, and adjusting parameters requires high-level technical engineers.



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