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What are the application industries of engraving machines?

2021-01-14 11:35:25

Should be the application industry of engraving machine. 

1. Advertising and gift making operations: used for carving all kinds of two-color board signs, plexiglass, Vantage stone door plates, three-dimensional notice boards, decorative gifts, light box pieces, two-color statues, relief medals, wall-mounted lamp houses, light guide board carved lamp houses, organic board relief three-dimensional doors, etc. 

2. Mold industry: engraving button relief die, printing hot die, injection mold, blow mold, stamping die, eye mold and so on. 

3. Tobacco industry: used for packaging cigarette case anti-counterfeiting sign, template making and cigarette word wheel production. 

4. Circuit making, drilling and milling grooves in the development of (PCB) products of printed circuit boards. 

5. Automobile industry: tire mold, lamp mold and decoration mold processing. 

6. Minting industry: making anti-counterfeiting moulds for banknote printing watermarks and coin moulds. 

7. Packaging industry: gilding of cases and bags, making of plastic mould for carton packaging. 

8. Model making: making sand table model, house model and so on. 

9. Make all kinds of staff badges, house plates and signboards. 

10. Seal industry: seal carving of all kinds of fonts and materials.


11. Shipbuilding industry: plane layout and sign carving of cabin plates. 

12. Mechanical processing industry: dial wheel and ruler engraving. 

13. Wood industry: used for relief pattern design and production. 

14. Zoom parts and calibration processing of camera aperture. 

15, water tank compressor valve plate and other complex parts processing. 

16. Hydraulic pump shaft stator oil seal groove processing. 

17. EDM machine tool board engraving processing. 

18. Printing industry: for the production of concave and convex plates. 

19. Manufacture of mould for watch case. 

20, pastry mold making and so on. 

21. Golf head word and thread processing. 

22, inkstone art carving processing. 

23. Motorcycle transmission lever processing. 

24. Engraving on the surface of the bowling ball. 

25. Carving of decorative products. 

26. Fine carving of jewelry. 

27. Bathroom faucet carving. 

28. Sole mold processing. 

29. Cigarette carving.



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