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Foshan Jinlaoda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Luo 139-2594-2134

Special line: 0757-22905223 / 22905768

After-sales Tel: 0757-22905216 / 22905768

Operator: 0757-22905226

Fax: 0757-22905218 / 22905226

Email: lao740202@163.com

Web site: en.sdld168.com

Factory address: No. 103, Block 3, Phase 9, Fulai International Industrial City, Ronggui Tian Fulai, Shunde District, Foshan City (next to Ronggui Light Rail Station)

Guangdong Jinloda CNC Machine tool Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and manufacturing automation equipment enterprises, the company is located in Foshan Shunde, an important manufacturing base in Guangdong Province, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Light Rail and other important transportation hubs. The company has a group of strong integrated professionals and management personnel, and has been engaged in product research and development for a long time. The company always adheres to "scientific and technological innovation" as the core, introduces advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad, digests, absorbs and applies it to production, and constantly develops new products to make product design reliable, production efficiency high, operation convenient, fast, safe and reliable. In 2018, standing on the strategic tuyere of "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area", Foshan manufacturing was transformed and upgraded to Foshan Smart Manufacturing, and the company's automation equipment also developed rapidly. In the future, we will be more accurate, professional, automation, measurement after every step, committed to technological innovation, product optimization. 

The company's main products are machining centers, drilling centers, precision carving machines, double-head King Kong (double spindle) CNC lathes, turning-milling drilling CNC lathes, fire spray CNC lathes, aluminum flashlight CNC lathes and all kinds of intelligent equipment. Start from the starting point, pour painstaking efforts into each component to create high-quality products. Various materials processed from auto parts, gas appliances, electronic components, optoelectronic communications, motorcycle accessories, home appliances, furniture, lighting, fishing gear, lock industry and all kinds of plumbing equipment. Has a number of independent intellectual property rights, professional R & D team, senior technical staff.

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National Enquiry Hotline:

Mr. Luo 139-2594-2134

Special (Tel): 0757-22905223 / 22905768

After-sales (Tel): 0757-22905216 / 22905768

Switchboard (Tel): 0757-22905226

Address: No. 103, Block 3, Phase 9, International Industrial City, Rong


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