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Do you understand the use of the engraving machine?

2021-01-14 11:37:33

The use of engraving machine. 

Paper-cut, greeting cards and other paper products cutting and marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials carving marks. 

The working principle of laser embroidery is that high-intensity laser emitted by laser, its movement track is controlled by advanced galvanometer, and all kinds of cloth fabrics are carved and punched to create a fashionable and trend-leading effect. 

It is essentially different from the effect embroidered by embroidery machine. 

First of all, from the visual point of view of the pattern, the embroidery machine is embroidered with threads of different colors on the surface of the clothing fabric, and the color blocks are combined into a pattern, while "laser embroidery" is processed according to the background color of the clothing fabric. Through the layering method of the laser control system, the fabric of the same color is embroidered into a transition color with different shades and layers. 

This natural transition color system contained in the fabric background color is not available to any designer and has a unique, natural and simple style.


Secondly, in terms of form of expression, due to the limitation of its working characteristics, the embroidery machine cannot continuously express the fine single-line and large format pattern, while "laser embroidery" can complement the embroidery machine because of its slender beam, high-speed movement and continuous engraving. 

Laser hollowed-out graphic women's wear, which is just popular this summer, has a special effect by directly forming graphics by means of laser punching. although the unit price of processing has been raised to 10 to 20 yuan, it is still in short supply. 

Fashionable products must have new ideas in order to be popular. 

At present, this technology is also applied to the denim processing industry to produce images, flowers, cat whiskers and other effects on jeans. Laser bleaching has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and no pollution. It is believed that the process of denim sandblasting will be gradually replaced in the near future.



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