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Characteristics of automatic feeding CNC lathe!

2021-01-14 14:21:02

Characteristics of automatic feeding CNC Lathe. 

The general supporting feeders of CNC lathes are oil bath feeder, storage feeder, heavy hammer feeder and so on. 

The storage feeder has a large storage capacity and can realize continuous feeding without stopping, but the range of feeding diameter is small and the price is high; the heavy hammer feeder has simple structure and low price, but it can only be used for the processing of parts with low precision, and the noise and vibration are relatively high. 

Oil bath feeder is a new product of feeder. Compared with the above two kinds of feeder, oil bath feeder has the advantages of wide range of feeding diameter (usually "3 ~" 42mm or larger), long feeding length (usually less than 3 meters), convenient operation, good stability, low noise, no bar wear, less operation failure, long service life, moderate price and so on. It is especially suitable for the processing of high speed, long bar and precision workpieces. 

Therefore, it has become a feeder with more CNC lathes.


Improve the effect. 

1.Earthquake resistance. 

The damping reaction force of the oil makes the bar automatically suspend and rotate in the center of the material pipe. 

The collision and friction are greatly reduced; the hydraulic power, the working noise is small, and the feeding action is very stable and smooth; different material pipes are used in materials of different diameters, so that the gap between the material and the material pipe is more reasonable, and the feeder is more stable. 

2. Anti-noise. 

The material pipe is selected for high-precision cold-rolled seamless steel pipe (error less than 3 wires) with argon-fluorine welding, the shape is smooth, ensuring small deformation and high precision; the first supporting exhaust device in the country can remove the air in the hydraulic cavity, making the feeding more stable, and break the problem of frequent leakage of exhaust gas in the past. 

3. Leak proof. 

Using the international advanced connection technology, the hydraulic part of the machine adopts PH taper connection mode and high pressure in-line connection, together with well-known hydraulic components to ensure no leakage. 

4. Anti-fouling. 

The use of gear pump and oil filter effectively increases the anti-fouling ability of the fuselage, greatly improves the life of the fuselage and the service life of hydraulic oil, and solves the problems caused by unclean raw materials.



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