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Introduction and advantages of turning-milling compound CNC lathe!

2021-01-14 15:23:09

Compound machining is one of the most popular processing technologies in the field of machining. 

It is an advanced manufacturing technology. 

Compound machining is the realization of several different processing processes on a single machine tool. 

Compound machining is the most widely used and the most difficult, that is, turn-milling compound machining. 

The turn-milling compound machining center is equivalent to the combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center. 

Brief introduction. 

Turn-milling composite machine tool is the fastest growing and most widely used numerical control equipment in composite machine tools. 

The combination of machine tools is one of the important directions in the development of machine tools. 

The compound machine tool also includes many kinds of forms, such as turning-milling compound, turning-milling-grinding compound, milling-grinding compound, cutting and 3D printing compound, cutting and ultrasonic vibration compound, laser and stamping compound and so on. The purpose of compound machine tool is to make a machine tool versatile, can complete multi-tasks at one time, and improve machining efficiency and precision.



Compared with the conventional NC machining technology, the outstanding advantages of composite machining are mainly shown in the following aspects. 

(1) shorten the product manufacturing process chain and improve the production efficiency. 

Turn-milling compound machining can complete all or most of the processing processes at one time, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. 

On the one hand, it reduces the production assistant time caused by the change of loading card, and at the same time, it also reduces the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of fixture, which can significantly improve the production efficiency. 

(2) reduce the clamping times and improve the machining accuracy. 

The reduction of clamping times avoids the error accumulation caused by the conversion of positioning datum. 

At the same time, most of the turn-milling compound machining equipment has the function of on-line detection, which can realize the on-site detection and precision control of the key data in the manufacturing process, so as to improve the machining accuracy of the product. 

(3) reduce the occupied area and reduce the production cost. 

Although the price of a single set of turn-milling compound processing equipment is relatively high, due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required for products, as well as the reduction of the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment maintenance costs, it can effectively reduce the total investment in fixed assets, production operation and management costs.



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