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What is the composition of the CNC lathe?

2021-01-14 15:39:12

Basic composition. 

The CNC lathe is composed of numerical control device, bed, spindle box, tool holder feed system, tail seat, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system, chip remover and so on. 

Parallel double spindle CNC lathe. 

CNC lathes are divided into vertical CNC lathes and horizontal CNC lathes. 

The vertical CNC lathe is used for turning disc parts with large rotary diameter. 

Horizontal CNC lathe is used for turning long axial size or small disc parts. 

Horizontal CNC lathes can be further divided into economical CNC lathes, ordinary CNC lathes and turning centers according to their functions. 

Economical CNC lathe: a simple CNC lathe formed by using stepper motor and single-chip microcomputer to transform the turning feed system of ordinary lathe. 

The cost is low, the degree of automation and function are poor, and the turning precision is not high, so it is suitable for the turning of rotary parts with low requirements. 

Ordinary CNC lathe: a CNC lathe specially designed in structure according to the requirements of turning and equipped with a general CNC system. 

The numerical control system has strong function, high degree of automation and machining precision, so it is suitable for turning general rotary parts. 

This kind of CNC lathe can control two axes at the same time, namely x-axis and z-axis.


Turning center. 

Turning center: on the basis of the ordinary CNC lathe, the C axis and power head are added. The more advanced machine tool also comes with a tool library, which can control the X, Z and C axes. The linkage control axis can be (XMague Z), (XMague C) or (ZMague C). 

Due to the addition of C-axis and milling power head, the machining function of this kind of NC lathe is greatly enhanced, in addition to general turning, it can also carry out radial and axial milling, surface milling, drilling of holes and radial holes where the center line is not in the rotary center of the parts. 

Hydraulic chuck and hydraulic tail frame. 

Hydraulic chuck is an important accessory for clamping workpiece in NC turning, ordinary hydraulic chuck can be used for general rotary parts, and special chuck is needed for parts whose clamping part is not cylindrical. Spring chuck is needed when parts are processed directly with bars. 

For the parts with a large ratio of axial size to radial size, it is necessary to support the tail end of the parts installed on the hydraulic tail frame in order to ensure the correct machining of the parts. 

The tail frame has ordinary hydraulic tail frame and programmable hydraulic tail frame. 

CNC bearing lathe. 

Universal tool holder. 

CNC lathes can be equipped with two kinds of tool holders: 

1 special tool holder: it is developed by lathe manufacturers themselves, and the tool handle used is also special. 

The advantage of this kind of tool holder is low manufacturing cost, but lack of versatility. 

2 General tool holder: the tool holder produced according to certain general standards (such as VDI, German Association of Engineers), CNC lathe manufacturers can choose and configure according to the functional requirements of CNC lathes. 

Milling power head. 

After the milling power head is installed on the tool holder of the NC lathe, the machining capacity of the NC lathe can be greatly expanded. 

Such as: the use of milling power head for axial drilling and milling axial groove. 

Cutting tools for CNC lathes. 

When turning parts on a NC lathe or turning machining center, the position of the tool on the tool holder should be arranged reasonably and scientifically according to the structure of the lathe tool holder and the number of tools that can be installed, and attention should be paid to avoid the interference between the tool and the machine tool, the tool and the workpiece and the tool when it is still and working.



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