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What are the components of CNC machine tools?

2021-01-14 15:40:53

The composition of CNC machine tools. 

The mainframe, which is the main body of CNC machine tools, includes machine body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts. 

It is a mechanical part used to complete all kinds of cutting. 

CNC device is the core of CNC machine tools, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, paper tape reader, etc.) and corresponding software, which are used to input digital part programs, and complete the storage of input information, data transformation, interpolation operation and the realization of various control functions. 

Driving device, it is the driving part of the executive mechanism of CNC machine tools, including spindle driving unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor and so on. 

Under the control of the numerical control device, he realizes the spindle and feed drive through the electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system. 

When several feeds are linked, the processing of positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve can be completed.


Auxiliary devices, some necessary components of exponential control machine tools, to ensure the operation of CNC machine tools, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring and so on. 

It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal device, exchange table, CNC turntable and CNC indexing head, as well as cutting tools and monitoring and testing devices. 

Programming and other ancillary equipment can be used to program and store parts outside the machine. 

Since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a CNC machine tool in the world in 1952, CNC machine tools have been widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially in automobile, aerospace and military industry. CNC technology has developed rapidly in terms of hardware and software.



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