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What is the development trend of CNC lathes?

2021-01-14 15:30:14

Development trend of NC Lathe. 

Since entering the 21st century, with the continuous development of numerical control technology and the expansion of application fields, it plays a more and more important role in the development of some important industries of the national economy and people's livelihood (IT, automobile, light industry, medical treatment, etc.), because the digitization of equipment needed by these industries has become a major trend of modern development. 

Overall, CNC lathes show the following three development trends: 

High speed and high precision. 

High speed and precision are the eternal goal of machine tool development. 

With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of mechanical and electrical products is accelerated, and the requirements for the precision and surface quality of parts are getting higher and higher. 

In order to meet the needs of this complex and changeable market, machine tools are developing in the direction of high-speed cutting, dry cutting and quasi-dry cutting, and the machining accuracy is constantly improving. 

On the other hand, the successful application of motorized spindle and linear motor, the launch of machine tool functional components such as ceramic ball bearing, high-precision large lead hollow internal cooling and ball nut strong cooling low-temperature and high-speed ball screw pair and linear guide pair with ball holder, it has also created conditions for the development of machine tools to high speed and precision.


The CNC lathe adopts motorized spindle, which cancels the links such as belt, pulley and gear, greatly reduces the moment of inertia of the main transmission, improves the dynamic response speed and working precision of the spindle, and completely solves the vibration and noise problems of belt and pulley transmission when the spindle is running at high speed. 

By using the motorized spindle structure, the spindle speed can reach more than 10000r/min. 

The linear motor has high driving speed, good acceleration and deceleration characteristics, excellent response characteristics and following accuracy. 

Using linear motor as servo drive, the ball screw as an intermediate transmission link is omitted, the transmission clearance (including reverse clearance) is eliminated, the motion inertia is small, the system rigidity is good, and it can be precisely positioned at high speed, thus the servo accuracy is greatly improved. 

The linear rolling guide pair, because of its zero omni-directional clearance and very small rolling friction, small wear, negligible heating, very good thermal stability, and improves the positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy of the whole process. 

Through the application of linear motor and linear rolling guideway pair, the fast moving speed of the machine tool can be increased from 10~20m/mim to 60cm min, up to 120m/min. 

High reliability. 

The reliability of CNC machine tools is a key index of the product quality of CNC machine tools. 

Whether the CNC machine tool can give full play to its high performance, high precision and high efficiency, and obtain good benefits, the key depends on its reliability. 

CAD design of NC lathe and modularization of structure design. 

With the popularity of computer applications and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been widely developed. 

CAD can not only complete the tedious drawing work instead of manual work, but also select the design scheme and analyze, calculate, predict and optimize the static and dynamic characteristics of the whole machine, and dynamically simulate the working parts of the whole machine. 

On the basis of modularization, the three-dimensional geometric model and realistic color of the product can be seen in the design stage. 

The use of CAD, can also greatly improve the work efficiency and the success rate of the design, so as to shorten the trial production cycle, reduce the design cost and improve the market competitiveness.



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