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The advantages and research status of double spindle machining center!

2021-01-20 18:29:03

Advantages of double Spindle Machining Center. 

In batch production, the use of multi-axis machining technology is undoubtedly an effective method to greatly increase productivity and reduce production costs. 

This method is suitable for both turning and milling. 

If the two processes of turn-milling can be integrated into one machine tool and the workpiece can be processed in only one process, its advantages will be more obvious. 

In this case, because the process of changing the workpiece can be saved, the machining accuracy is improved; at the same time, because the time needed to replace the equipment can be saved, the processing time can be greatly shortened.


Research status of double Spindle Machining Center. 

Only under the condition of using the corresponding efficient clamping device, the modern machining center can achieve higher production efficiency with its higher cutting and feed speed, higher acceleration and higher spindle speed. 

The fixture can affect the tool replacement time and feeding time to a great extent. 

During this period of time, the machine is in a state of downtime. 

Due to the limited time of the fixture, sometimes there is still a lot of potential to be tapped. 

Clamping the workpiece to the machine tool is a time-consuming and laborious task according to the type of machine tool and the specification of the workpiece. 

For the whole machining of prototype, small batch and single piece, the fixture should adopt reasonable standard component structure as far as possible, so that each part can be combined arbitrarily. 

Through this flexible fixture system, workpieces of different shapes and specifications can be fixed. 

Using the traditional fixture system which is not only suitable for small batch processing, but also suitable for mass production, the working efficiency of cutting tools can be improved. 

Fixture manufacturers provide a series of strong and safe fixtures according to the market, from simple flexible fixture devices to multi-functional fixture systems.



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