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CNC lathe manufacturers explain what lathe hardware accessories need?

2021-01-20 18:40:40

Today, we introduce the hardware and accessories of the CNC lathe industry, maybe we will guess what accessories are needed in the CNC lathe industry? 

Let's take a look at the specific hardware accessories. 

1.The product advantage of cutting tools is built for large-scale numerical control equipment, and there are many types of milling tools used in the industry, such as cross milling cutters: for processing Phillips screwdrivers, tungsten steel welding of tool heads. 

2.CNC gantry milling machine series of high-end intelligent equipment in the hardware accessories requirements are also quite strict, and with the milling machine for a word, cross plum blossom milling machine props have to say that this kind of tool in the equipment processing advantage is used for screwdriver turning, can also be used for other hardware processing, functions include: peeling, chamfering, plane, slotting, positioning holes. 

3. Plum blossom milling cutter: used for machining plum blossom screwdriver, there are many types, matching corresponding size according to the outer diameter of material, 11-tooth inner hole 16MM tool head tungsten steel welding and other relative tool accessories.




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