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How to maintain CNC lathe in rainy season?

2021-02-25 11:10:00

The main tasks of the CNC machine tool manufacturer's preventive maintenance include: daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection and half-yearly inspection. 

The details are as follows: 

Daily inspection: preventive maintenance CNC machining CNC lathe. 

The main items for daily inspection include hydraulic system, spindle lubrication system, guideway lubrication system, cooling system and pneumatic system. 

Daily checks are based on the normal condition of each system. 

For example, when testing the process of the spindle lubrication system, the power LED should be lit and the oil pump should operate normally. 

If the power LED is off, keep the spindle stopped and contact the mechanical engineer. 

To carry out repairs. 

Weekly inspection: 

the main items of weekly inspection of CNC machined CNC lathe include lathe parts and spindle lubrication system. 

Check correctly once a week, especially lathe parts, to clean up iron filings and external debris. 

Monthly inspection: 

check the lubrication of the Xmai Y Z triaxial track, the surface of the track must ensure good lubrication. 

Check and clean the limit switch and bumper. 

Check whether the oil in the barrel oil cup is enough and not enough to replenish it in time. 

Check that the indicator lights and warning nameplates on the machine are clear and exist. 

Half a year inspection: 

remove triaxial chip shield, clean triaxial tubing joint, ball guide screw and triaxial limit switch, check whether it is normal or not. 

Check whether the hard scraper works well on each shaft. 

Check whether the head of the servo motor and each shaft is working properly and whether there is any abnormal sound. 

Replace the oil of the hydraulic unit and the oil of the tool depot deceleration mechanism. 

Test the clearance of each shaft and adjust the amount of compensation if necessary. 

Clean the dust in the electric box (make sure the lathe is closed). 

Fully check whether the contacts, connectors, sockets and switches are normal. 

Check and adjust the mechanical level.

LDS-36XL 连体斜轨数控车床

CNC lathes must be strictly grounded and use three-core power plugs to reduce electrostatic interference, improve machine stability and protect operators. 

Due to excessive power consumption in summer and rainy season, the voltage of the power line is usually unstable, resulting in failure and even burning down components such as drives. 

The editor of the manufacturer of the small CNC lathe recommends the purchase of the corresponding type of voltage regulator. 

If the operating rate of the CNC lathe is not high, in addition to the investment can not play the role of replication, and worry about the warranty period, because the CNC lathe equipment has a warranty period, during this period, CNC lathe users should make full use of the lathe to expose thin parts as soon as possible, so that they can be dealt with within the warranty period. 

If it is not used for a long time, it may accelerate the aging or damage of electronic components due to moisture and other reasons. 

Especially in the rainy season, the machine should be operated correctly.



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