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Custom manufacturer of NC Lathe talking about the Control Mode of NC Lathe

2021-02-20 10:25:00

CNC lathe is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. 

It is mainly used for cutting the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disc parts, internal and external conical surfaces with arbitrary taper angles, complex rotating internal and external surfaces, cylinders and conical threads. 

It can also perform slotting, drilling, reaming and reaming. 

Holes and boring, etc. 

The CNC machine tool automatically processes the machined parts according to the pre-programmed machining program. 

According to the instruction code and program format specified by the CNC lathe customization manufacturer's CNC machine, we summarize the machining process route, process parameters, tool path, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions into the machining program list, and then write the program, record the order content on the control medium, and then input it to the CNC device of the CNC machine tool to guide the machine tool machining parts.

LDS-46X7 车铣复合数控车床

The semi-closed-loop control system refers to the comparator of the angular displacement and angular velocity detection device installed at the end of the motor shaft or screw, and the position detection feedback device feedback numerical control device. 

Enter a command, and the difference is used to control the moving part. 

It has the characteristics of convenient debugging, good system stability and compact structure, but the errors in the mechanical transmission chain can not be corrected or eliminated. 

At present, the ball screw nut mechanism has good precision and keeping precision, and the reliable mechanism to eliminate the backlash can meet the needs of most CNC machine tool users, so it is widely used and becomes the control mode of choice. 

The closed-loop control system installs a linear or rotation detection device at the corresponding position of the moving parts of the machine tool, feeds back the directly measured displacement or angular displacement to the comparator of the numerical control device, and compares the displacement with the input instruction. and use the difference to control the moving parts. 

The advantage is that all the links of the mechanical transmission chain are included in the closed loop, and the accuracy depends on the accuracy of the testing equipment, which exceeds the semi-closed-loop system. 

The disadvantage is that the price is expensive and strict requirements on the mechanism and transmission chain, otherwise it will cause oscillation and reduce the stability of the system. 

Open-loop control system refers to the control method without position detection feedback device. 

It has the characteristics of simple structure and low price, but it is difficult to control the moving parts quickly. 

It is widely used in stepper motors for small equipment with low torque, high precision and medium speed. 

In drive control, especially in microelectronics production equipment.



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