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The method of reducing friction error of turning-Milling compound NC Lathe

2021-03-26 10:15:00
  1. Reduce the friction of the transmission system. 

The turning-milling compound CNC lathe uses rolling guideway, hydrostatic guideway, aerostatic guideway or magnetic levitation guideway to reduce system friction, reduce the difference between dynamic friction and static friction, and improve the dynamic performance of the feed system. 

However, the use of high-performance guideways will greatly increase the cost of machine tools. 

2. Improve the rigidity of servo drive system. 

The turn-milling compound CNC machine tool improves the rigidity of the position loop, speed loop and current loop of the servo drive system. 

When the friction error occurs, the small error signal can be adjusted to the motor drive current timely and appropriately. 

However, high stiffness can easily cause system oscillation. 

Reducing the control cycle of each control loop of the servo driver is also beneficial to improve the response speed of the system. 

However, reducing the control cycle requires that the numerical control device has higher hardware performance. 

The above is the introduction of the methods to reduce the friction error of the turning-milling compound NC lathe. 

I hope it will be helpful to all of you. 

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