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Do you know the installation skills adopted by the double spindle CNC lathe?

2021-01-20 18:43:40

The double spindle CNC lathe adopts dual-channel, double-program control system or a set of system control at both ends, which can process the processes with different sizes and shapes at the same time, and the drilling, milling and tapping functions of both ends can be expanded according to the needs of users. 

The use of fully closed open sliding door structure, beautiful and generous shape, smooth lines, reasonable layout, pleasant operation. 

The speed of the spindle of the double spindle CNC lathe is controlled by frequency converter, and the spindle servo drive system can be configured according to the needs of users. 

Sharing of installation skills of double spindle CNC lathe: 

1. Hoisting and transportation. 

The hoisting and positioning of machine tools should be carried out by using special lifting tools provided by the manufacturer, and other methods are not allowed. 

There is no need for special lifting tools, wire ropes should be used to lift and place the parts in accordance with the instructions. 

2. Installation basis and location. 

Double spindle CNC lathe should be installed on a solid foundation, the position should be away from the vibration source; avoid sunlight and thermal radiation; put in a dry place to avoid the influence of moisture and air flow. 

If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, an anti-vibration groove must be set around the foundation.


3. Installation of double Spindle NC Lathe. 

When the machine tool is placed on the foundation, it should be leveled in a free state, and then the anchor bolts should be locked evenly. 

For ordinary machine tools, the level meter reading does not exceed 0.04 inch 1000mm, for high precision machine tools, the level meter does not exceed 0.02/1000mm. 

When measuring the installation accuracy, it should be carried out at a constant temperature, and the measuring tool should be used after a period of fixed temperature. 

During the installation of the machine tool, every effort should be made to avoid the installation method of forced deformation of the machine tool. 

Some parts of the machine tool should not be removed casually when the machine tool is installed, and the disassembly of the parts may lead to an important new distribution of stress in the machine tool, thus affecting the accuracy of the machine tool. 

4. Preparation before operation. 

After the geometric accuracy test of the double spindle CNC lathe is qualified, the whole machine needs to be cleaned. 

Cotton cloth or silk cloth impregnated with cleaning agent shall not be used, cotton yarn or gauze shall not be used. 

Clean out the antirust oil or antirust paint applied to protect the guide rail surface and machining surface when the machine tool leaves the factory. 

Clean the dust on the outer surface of the machine tool. 

Apply the machine tool regulation to make the lubricating oil on each sliding surface and working face.



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